Hello Readers!

About a week ago, I outlined some of the new additions coming to “The Endless Reel” in the coming months. In last week, I’ve launched both the (DC NATION) segment of the site, and reviewed Avengers Vs. X-Men #0. Of course, next month Marvel’s main event between Earth’s mightiest heroes and the the protectors of all mutantkind starts it’s bi-weekly run!

Starting in May, DC’s second wave of ‘New 52’ titles launches. Previously, I announced that “The Endless Reel” would be covering both Dial H and Earth Two. At the time, I didn’t want to overload myself with content to cover. As this site continued to grow, I realized that more content is better. In the spirit of jumping in head first, I’ve decided to add a few more titles to the lineup. Along with the already announced Dial H and Earth Two, I’ll also be covering Grant Morrison’s experimental series, Batman, Incorporated; and the adventures of Huntress and Power Girl in World’s Finest.

 I’d like to add a third new title from the upcoming second wave, but I’m having trouble deciding between two books. I’m split between The Ravagers, a spin-off from Teen Titans and Superboy featuring Deathstroke’s daughter, Rose Wilson, and G.I. Combat, the replacement series for Men of War which re-imagines classic DC military stories for the modern age.

I want the readers to decide which title for “The Endless Reel” to cover.

In the comments section, leave your decision for which of these two series I should cover when they launch in May. I’ll tally up the results and make a final decision.

Until next time,
– Jay


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