(THE WEEK) JUNE 27 – JULY 3, 2012

Batman Incorporated #2
(Morrison, Burnham)

Grant Morrison continues his saga of Batman and his international posse against Leviathan! Let’s hope things start making a little more sense!

Before Watchman: Nite Owl #1
(Straczynski, Kubert)

Before Watchmen is two for three right now, so hopefully J. Michael Straczynski and Andy Kubert can give us another great entry in this series.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #10
(Bedard, Kirkham)

“Fall of the Blue Lanterns” continues this month as the New Guardians reunite to stand against the Reach and their invasion of Odym!

Justice League #10
(Johns, Lee)

The Justice League’s newest villain is finally revealed! Plus, “The Power of Shazam” back-up continues – maybe we’ll get to see Shazam this month?

Justice League Dark #10
(Lemire, Janin)

The team finally establishes a headquarters – The House of Mystery – and take on the Demons Three!

Spider-Men #2 of 5
(Bendis, Pichelli)

Last time, this series was the Peter Parker Show, and it wasn’t quite that interesting. Now, as Peter and Miles Morales meet for the first time, things should start spicing up!

Superman #10
(Giffen, Jurgens)

Superman’s untouchable foe has found a way to harm Clark Kent, too!

Teen Titans #10
(Lobdell, Booth)

Let’s hope the Teen Titans’ foray on the Island of Mysterious Mystery is as enjoyable as Superboy and Wonder Girl’s. Plus, Skitter is still missing?


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