The Week in Revue (Mar 13-19, 2013)

——- Spotlight

Age of Ultron #2 of 10
(w) Brian Michael Bendis     (a) Bryan Hitch

——- DC Reviews
Batman #18
(w) Scott Snyder     (a) Greg Capullo

Green Lantern Corps #18
(w) Peter J. Tomasi     (a) Fernando Pasarin

———- mini reviews
Demon Knights #18
(w) Robert Vendetti     (a) Bernard Chang

Batman and Robin #18
(w) Peter J. Tomasi     (a) Patrick Gleason

Superboy #18
(w) Scott Lobdell and Tom DeFalco     (a) R.B. Silva

——- Marvel Reviews
Wolverine #1
(w) Paul Cornell     (a) Alan Davis

Uncanny X-Men #3
(w) Brian Michael Bendis     (a) Chris Bachalo

———- mini Marvel Reviews
Secret Avengers #2
(w) Nick Spencer     (a) Luke Ross

Thor: God of Thunder #6
(w) Jason Aaron     (a) Esad Ribic

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