Teen Titans #21 Review

Things wrong with Teen Titans #21:

TT_Cv21_mae89tme4k_1.) The cover features a ‘Wanted’ poster, as if the Titans are running from the police, FBI, or anything. This never happens nor does it even come close to happening.

2.) Each Titan reads like a weird, alternate-dimension version of the characters we’ve been reading for the past 20 issues. Why is everyone so, so chummy all of a sudden? Where did all this goodwill and trust come from? The last I remember anything making even a bit sense in this series, nobody really liked anyone else.

3.) Eddy Barrows totally drops the ball. His work on Nightwing was great, but each issue, it feels like Teen Titans just looks worse and worse. I can’t blame the man, though. How can one put in true effort when it’s obvious these scripts were developed without regard for a cohesive narrative?

4.) Aside from Scott Lobdell’s ridiculous plotting, Tony Bedard’s dialog feels stale and cheesy. When does Superboy ever smile and jokingly call Red Robin “Red”? It just doesn’t feel right, from the moment I start reading, to the moment I put it down.

5.) This is the most underdeveloped team in DC’s lineup right now. I have an easier time believing that the new StormWatch — which has only technically been in existence for three issues — has the great chemistry Jim Starlin claims they have than I do believing these kids work well as a team. There has been absolutely no indication that they even like each other. Maybe Bunker does.


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