Green Lantern Corps #22 Review

(w) Van Jensen with Robert VendettiGLCOR_Cv22_gnxm17pqam_(a) Bernard Chang

As a companion series, Green Lantern Corps has always been about highlighting some of the other Green Lanterns floating about the universe that might not necessarily interact with Earth. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hal Jordan, but sometimes it’s more fun to read about the Corps taking on the Spider Guild or some smuggler ring. Though the ‘event’ ended some months ago, “Rise of the Third Army” took a massive toll on the Green Lantern Corps. When the Guardians of the Universe unleashed their hive-minded Third Army to enslave the sentient beings of the universe, the Green Lanterns were first in line to stop them. Thus, casualties were high and the Corps needs to rebuild.

Van Jensen has been handed the task of rebuilding the Green Lantern Corps as well as highlighting John Stewart, a mainstay Lantern who often gets pigeonholed as the uptight Marine who sticks to the book almost to a fault. That being said, Stewarts’s Lantern legacy has been marred, on several occasions, by horrific acts that once served to show character development, but now only comes across as pandering.

Green Lantern Corps #22 is Jensen’s second issue on the title and it’s the first where his writing style starts to meld with the franchise. New recruits on Oa means readers get a first-hand glimpse at the life of a brand new Green Lantern. While rebuilding, Stewart arrives on Oa to lend a hand and some helpful advice to the tenderfoots still reeling from being inducted into the Corps while simultaneously being ordered to rebuild their new home from the ground up. There’s a lot of uncertainty flowing through the Green Lantern Corps, and Jensen captures that feeling almost perfectly. More so even than in Green Lantern, Jensen manages to show how the Corps works and why it works despite it’s corrupt masters and arguably unqualified new leaders.




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