The Week in Revue (July 17-23, 2013)


Green Lantern: New Guardians #22

(w) Justin Jordan

(a) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessey


DC Reviews

Justice League of America #6 –> DC Comics News Review!

(w) Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire

(a) Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy

JLA’s Vibe #6 –> DC Comics News Review!

(w) Sterling Gates

(a) Pete Woods, Sean Parsons

Supergirl #22

(w) Michael Alan Nelson

(a) Mahmud Asrar

Wonder Woman #22

(w) Brian Azzarello

(w) Cliff Chiang

Marvel Reviews

All-New X-Men #14

(w) Brian Michael Bendis

(w) Stuart Immonen

FF #9

(w) Matt Fraction

(w) Michael Allred


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