Thor: God of Thunder #11 Review

(w) Jason AaronThor_God_of_Thunder_Vol_1_11_Textless

(a) Esad Ribic

Perhaps it’s an editorial decision, or maybe it’s just how things are going right now at Marvel, but this is now the third recent story arc I’ve felt ended on a rather flat note even though it was a whole lot of fun to read. Age of Ultron, a few months back, was fun because it was a time-traveling cluster-f*ck that ended with a sharp left turn and a big load of craziness that writers are still trying to unknot. Then, Sam Humphries’ insanely fun, all-female X-Men ended it’s three issue opening salvo with a quick, ‘deus ex machina’-style cop out that was not satisfactory. Now, Jason Aaron’s epic God Butcher saga in Thor: God of Thunder comes to a close in the eleventh issue, yet it contains only a fraction of the epicness seen in the ten that come before.


The most exciting part of Thor: God of Thunder #11 is Dark Thor handling two hammers and ending Gorr, the God Butcher, once and for all. But that only takes up a few pages of the issue. I don’t want it to sound like I didn’t enjoy this issue because I very much did. I only expected a grander finale than Aaron delivered. Though, in some ways, it seems appropriate for an enemy who detested the pomp and circumstance surrounding gods to be deposed of in such a quick and unceremonious way.

Fortunately, Jason Aaron does a phenomenal job with the dialogue in this issue to fill in the gaps before and after Dark Thor goes to town on the God Butcher. The conversations between the different versions of Thor are some of my favorite from the writer and the character. The three Thors represent the three aspects of Thor’s internal struggles: he will always feel the the desire to please Odin (and the resentment that comes from it) of the young Thor, he will always have the kindness and compassion of Thor the Avenger even though these aspects make him weak in the eyes of his enemies, and he will always be reluctantly destined to be the greatest and most powerful god of all like King Thor. Jason Aaron just knows how to write Thor. Some black metal band from Sweden needs to write an album based on this storyline.




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